Our story

Conscious consumers can actively contribute to a better world

Patrícia Valinho, founder

We are a design publishing house that produces smart homeware for happy homes, establishing the link between design and the Portuguese manufacturing skills.

We are inspired by the idea that we can deliver meaningful and memorable moments to people’s daily routines with our unique and useful products. What drives us is the know-how and human touch of our manufacturers, and the Portuguese local materials.

In 2009 we invited ESAD.CR’s product design students to know more about pottery and crochet and funded workshops in these areas to one class. The designers developed product ideas based on these techniques and some designs were selected. First samples were produced in 2015.

In January 2017 the company was founded after a positive feedback from the local portuguese market. 2019 represents the consolidation of Dedal’s internationalisation.


‘dedal’ is the acronym of Developing Design and Local economies. The word means thimble in Portuguese (the cap used to protect the end of the finger when sewing).

Our product names are inspired by the Portuguese, Latin and Esperanto languages.


Offer a range of smart and meaningful products that promote original homes and fulfilled stakeholders


To become one of the most humane companies in the world, positively transforming the lives of everyone that comes into contact with our products



We believe that every stakeholder should be fairly rewarded, from the designer to the maker, from the retailer to the consumer.


We believe our products have soul because of their form (that makes people smile), function (having a purpose other than decoration) or production technique (the uniqueness of each handmade piece).


It is in everything we do: from the hands that know how to produce, to our products that give every home a more humane touch.


We work responsively to ensure our social and ecological footprints are the lowest possible. We source local materials and produce locally (Portugal and Europe). We evolve our products everytime we find a raw material more eco-friendly.


Since the early days we have been working closely with two Portuguese universities: ESAD.CR (industrial design department) and FBA.UL (product design department).
Together we promote active and on-the-job training: connected learning (school > production > market). We brief the students (different focus and design approaches), they pitch back interesting product ideas. We select and prototype the ones that fit our moto. Sometimes interesting products are put on hold as the production solutions do not comply with some of our values (ex: fairness to the consumer, eco awareness, others). Students are involved in the entire process and get royalties for their work (standard market rates).